Legislative Outreach

Advocating for the animals

Many areas in Houston with the biggest animal overpopulation problems do not have access to low cost veterinary care. One of Unity's first priorities was to work with the city's elected officials to devote more resources to free spay neuter efforts in those areas. Beginning in 2013, Unity members met with council members and their staffs to discuss ways to bring more services to the neighborhoods that needed them.

While much remains to be done, the city has since implemented Healthy Pets, Healthy Streets which goes into different communities monthly to fix pets free of charge. Also, District I Council Member Robert Gallegos was instrumental in bringing the Emancipet clinic to Houston's East End in 2015 to provide low cost vet services.

In addition to overpopulation, animals across our area suffer cruelty and neglect on a daily basis. The best chance we have to stop the cycle of animal cruelty is to strengthen legislation that criminalizes these acts. To that end, Unity works with partner Texas Humane Legislation Network and others to raise awareness and support changes to legislation that will better protect our animals.